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Accredo's Invoicing (IN) module gives you complete control over your invoice, quotation and packing slip documents, including what they look like, what information they contain and how you format and send them.

With wide-ranging permissions, you decide whether to retain maximum control or provide complete flexibility over who can view, edit, enter, delete and print your documents, while the sophisticated automation and duplication functions reduce data entry and improve accuracy in your system.

The IN module is also a mine of information - when combined with Accredo's Sales Analysis, you can analyse your invoicing data in whatever way is useful to you to improve customer contact and be more proactive about selling.

Shipping details and links to shippers' websites within invoices make it fast and convenient to keep track of parcels and follow up if things go astray.

In today’s competitive market, looking good is crucial. Use the document designers included in Accredo’s IN module to design your own invoices, credit notes, quotes, packing slips and more, reinforcing your branding and saving on pre-printed document costs.

Accredo’s document designers also give you control over the content of your documents – create different versions for different situations – detailed invoices for big customers, summarised for those who hate paperwork. Use global narratives to quickly enter large blocks of text such as descriptions of work, instructions or warnings, or use scripting to add extra information automatically for certain products or customers.

Once you have created your invoices, quotes, packing slips, print each one individually and immediately, or print them in batches at the end of each day, week or month. You don’t even have to print them at all – instead, email them straight to your customers as PDF fi les, and save electronic copies for your own reference. With up to 99 years’ history, you can reopen and print or reprint individual items or batches at any time.  

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