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Accredo's Invoicing (IN) module gives you complete control over your invoice, quotation and packing slip documents, including what they look like, what information they contain and how you format and send them. Read more

Special Pricing

Accredo's Special Pricing (SP) module allows you to solve pricing problems simply, flexibly, transparently and powerfully. Read more

Sales Analysis

Accredo's Sales Analysis and Purchase Analysis (SA and PA) are the data mining modules of your system. The wizard-style selection forms allow any authorised user to easily extract the detail they need from the mass of valuable information in your system in order to analyse your business's past performance and plan for future growth.  Read more

Order Entry

Accredo's Order Entry (OE) module allows you to manage your stock efficiently and still meet your customers' needs - delivering what they want, when they want it, while keeping the amount you have tied up in inventory to a minimum.  Read more


Accounts Receivable

Accredo's Accounts Receivable (AR) module provides you with a powerful customer database that allows you to comprehensively manage your customer and sales information. Read more
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